Dragon and Orc – Beautiful Figures of Imagination

Who doesn’t want to have a dragon and for the girls under us, a muskular manly Orc with the expression; Don’t mess with what I love! like that:

Orc 11

Orc Portrait

Beautiful details here in a macro shot of a clay figurine

clay dragon and orc

Dragon and Orc having a chat

Figurine are great subjects to photograph, put them in the garden, in front of a background of your choice, everything that inspires you. Look through the view finder and see what is really there. The world looks different through the camera.

dragon clay figurine

be careful, it might be real

Priority on Aperature gives only some details focused, if you want to have the whole dragon in focus, change your settings!

clay figurine orc

Orc close up

This figurine has stunning features, I do love that little guy!

Clay figurine Orc

impressive details

I am impressed how good the details are being captured since the real size of the figure is about 4-5″. All in all I had a lot of fun setting these little fellows up and taking many shots with different settings. Try something out and share it here!

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